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I'm Rose Bedrosian, the founder of Eye Street Gallery, a virtual space where I share my creations. Thank you for joining me here!. I'm a poet/writer. I earned my B.A. in Literature from the University of California at Santa Barbara's College of Creative Studies, where I edited the literary magazine Spectrum and won The Frank W. Coulter Prize for poetry. I was one of three first-place winners of The Santa Barbara Independent's poetry competition, and my work has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry.


My poems have been published or are forthcoming in various magazines, including San Pedro River Review, Concerning Poetry, The Beatnik Cowboy, The Amherst Review, Blue Unicorn, Amethyst Review, Four Quarters, Penn Review, Verse-Virtual, Door is a Jar, Shadows, Pembroke Magazine, A Gathering of the TRIBES, Ginger Hill, Northridge Review, Haight Ashbury Journal, North Dakota Quarterly, and Negative Capability. My chapbook The Anatomy of Answered Prayer is available for purchase (see the Publications section for more information).


I'm also a self-taught artist who's been creating since childhood. I've come to believe that art and beauty are inseparable from a healthy, balanced life and have the power to heal. At the moment I have cards and decoupaged items available for purchase at Please stop by and see what speaks to you. I also paint and make blank books, collages, and fiber art.

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